Thursday, May 28, 2015

So you always wanted to play D&D with Vin Diesel... Now is your chance!

I recently had a chance to play a game with DM Diesel and had a blast!

New Adventurer's League Games Announced!

June's games have now been posted.  Be sure to visit and signup to reserve your spot.  Please pay attention to the level requirements to make sure you are able to play.  If more than 7 people sign up I will try to group some experienced players with new players so we can get some fresh faces playing!  Any questions feel free to ask them here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sunday Game Postponed - Hoard of the Dragon Queen

We will be postponing our Sunday game of Hoard of the Dragon Queen for two weeks due to scheduling  conflicts (two of our players are moving) and will resume our normal game play schedule starting 6/7 at 19:00 CST.  I will still be streaming some D&D content plus some other games so be sure to stop by the channel and say hi!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

More D&D Adventurers League Expeditions Starting Soon and Schmobot is Here!

A couple of big announcements this week.  First, due to the overwhelming interest in our Adventurers League games we will be adding another night to our schedule.  Starting June 6th we will be adding more games to our Adventurers League sessions.  We will be running our usual games on Wednesday but we are also adding Saturday games as well!  They will take place starting at 19:00 CST and go until 23:00 CST.  Be sure to check out to signup for them when they are announced.  You can also check out our gaming schedule to see up and coming events.

Second is the addition of Schmobot (Deepbot) to our channel!  As viewers watch the stream they will earn "experience points" that can be used to bid on Steam game raffles (coming soon) and also play mini games with other viewers.  We will be adding more functionality to Schmobot all the time so be sure to check this page often!  So be sure to jump in the channel today and start earning some experience.