Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Adventurer's League Games Announced!

June's games have now been posted.  Be sure to visit and signup to reserve your spot.  Please pay attention to the level requirements to make sure you are able to play.  If more than 7 people sign up I will try to group some experienced players with new players so we can get some fresh faces playing!  Any questions feel free to ask them here.


  1. Hi Chris! I just signed up for your 6/13 game, and am very much looking forward to it (provided I nab a spot). Do you have a protocol for sending you PC files prior to the game? I have an XML file ready to go, if so.

    Also, what do you use for voice chat?


    1. We use Skype to chat. Feel free to email the PC file and send me a Skype request using my email

  2. Will do. Thanks for the quick reply.

  3. Do you have any fg and version 5 game groups for new people to both.

  4. @Kevin Conwell I do. Check this site and Ill post when new games are announced. Look for numbers like (1-2) or (1-4) and those indicate what levels can play. I love having new players so be sure and stop by!