Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Changes Coming Next Season for the Adventurers League!

Well folks I just got out of my LC meeting going over all the new changes to the Adventurers League and I am excited to see where this next season takes us!  See below for the talking point notes I took and feel free to ask any questions!

  • All AL content moving to DM Guild. Rage of Demons will stay on the site rest of the seasons, after that it will have to be purchased.
  • Conventions will still get packages for free.
  • Epics are not included in the DM Guild.
  • 5Chen fair still at conventions.
  • WoTC prefer that individual DM buy adventures for store.
  • Player created content will not be AL legal, maybe classes or races in the future.
  • Store play can be still reported as usual under a new single D&D AL event.
  • Stores will have launch events in place of encounters, cut down story encounters are gone. 
  • Encounter style kits are going away. Player kits will be made available on the DM Guild site. Organizer kits are going to be digital.
  • Organizers are not allowed to purchase adventures and then hand them out.
  • Certs (might) be store or convention special, unsure. Certs are hoping to go print on demand but it is up in the air right now.
  • Store still gets WPN perks for reporting.
  • The role of LCs right now. Unsure right now but they are not going anywhere. Still going to help them get setup and running adventures.
  • Stores can now charge for AL if they wish to recoup cost of buying adventure.
  • Season 4 will be a tight knit story. Season 4 starts at level 1.
  • Stories will be tied to main adventure that is released
  • More DM rewards since they are now having to buy adventures. Increase to 25% as baseline plus achievements.
  • PDFs will now be able to be updated and corrected.
  • Season bundle or sub for adventures are not available at this time.
  • Reporting is still only available to the stores and conventions.
  • Coordinators will still be involved in play testing.
  • It is unsure if stores will be able to sell PDFs.
  • If you already own the PDFs you do not need to purchase them to run them again.
  • Epics will not be available for purchase, ever.
  • Premier cons will get the adventures for free.
  • Admins can put their adventures on the DM Guild site... but they wont :(
  • Players can use anything D&D related (Forgotten Realms), with the exception of art they do not own, to create adventures to submit to the DM Guild.
  • Prices for official AL adventures on DM Guild site are fixed.

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