Monday, May 30, 2016

Mobicon 2016 Was a Success!

So its been a few months (more like 5) since I have updated my my page so I figured after the events this weekend it would be a good time!  My weekend was spent in Mobile, Alabama at Mobicon running some D&D AL and hanging out with some amazing people!

The folks over at Mobicon reached out to me a few months ago about coordinating some DM's and getting Adventurers League into the convention.  We ended up with three DM's, myself included, and ran 6-7 games from this seasons Curse of Strahd narrative.  This seasons story line takes place in the cursed land of Barovia which is ruled by the "evil" Strahd Von Zarovich which traps the party in the Demiplane of Dread until they find a way out.  I had a wonderful time leading the party through the many twist and turns as they slowly realized that the land is plagued by many forms of evil including ghost, trolls, vampires and much, much worse.  While playing D&D is nice from time to time, I have always loved being a DM.  Being able to tell a story and see the players reactions as their favorite NPCs die, or a girl who was murdered while holding the hand of her loved one at the alter, this makes it worth it!  Two days, many deaths, and dark gifts later, the party managed stop the summoning of a great evil... Or so they think.  I look forward to running AL next year at Mobicon and meeting more great people.  Oh, I even managed to snag me a 1st edition Monster Manual during a charity auction before I left :D

But the good times did not stop there.  One of the main things that Mobicon focuses on is Cosplay.  I saw some amazing costumes from all ranges of things including TV shows, video games, comic books, and more.  The amount of time people put into this amazes me.  I love the dedication they put into their craft to make sure every little detail is covered and nothing is missed. Mobicon was also visited by the Quest-Con Adventuring Team who was out promoting the convention next year that takes place on October 20-22, 2017 in Mobile, Alabama.  Quest-Con is a multi-genre convention that will focus on gaming and cosplay.  I wish I would had more time during the convention to get out and take more pictures of the different outfits but such is the life of a DM.  Despite the sleepless night, the trek through downtown Mobile to get some early morning snacks at McDonalds, and the new game of seeing how many floors your full elevator stops at before you get to the bottom, I would say the weekend was a success!

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